A flash fiction piece about masculinity (and preconceptions/expectations thereof), published by Genre: Urban Arts

‘What makes a man?’

As a society we’re starting to recognise there isn’t a set answer to this question. More importantly, it shouldn’t matter to begin with.

‘Pain Tests’ focuses on one of the more ‘traditional’ views. It deals with pain (of course) and looks at a young boy as he is taught to embrace it; because this is what a ‘man’ would do.

Pain Tests found its home with Genre: Urban Arts – No. 8 Print. If you’d like to take a look, please head on over to their store and purchase a copy of the issue!

Genre: Urban Arts is a platform for creatives, publishing both digitally and in print. Their mission is to provide a space for writers and artists to develop, particularly for those who work jobs they do not love as a means to support their art. They launched their inaugural issue in November 2015.