A sci-fi short story about ethical dilemmas and hypotheticals brought to life, published by After Dinner Conversation

A dark tale, ‘Choose’ looks at decisions and morality. The protagonist, posed hypothetical ethical dilemmas, quickly discovers the consequences of her answers are all too real…

It was originally featured in StarShipSofa Episode 557 podcast, and read by Summer Brooks.

It’s now found its new home with After Dinner Conversation. They publish a growing series of short stories, and audio and video podcasts, across genres, that aim to draw out deeper discussions with friends and family. Each story is an accessible example of an abstract ethical or philosophical idea, and is accompanied by suggested discussion questions.

It’s also available on Amazon for Kindle!

UPDATE: ‘Choose’ is now available as part of After Dinner Conversation‘s “Season Two” Anthology. You can pick up your copy on Amazon.

UPDATE 2: ‘Choose’ has also now been discussed on an episode of After Dinner Conversation’s Podcast!