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Desert Venom – Deadset Press

A short sci-fi story inspired by the Zodiac, published by Deadset Press

Pull the Plug – AE

A flash sci-fi story about stars, published by AE

Choose – After Dinner Conversation

A sci-fi short story about ethical dilemmas and hypotheticals brought to life, published by After Dinner Conversation

The Day to Day – The Bitter Oleander Press

A short story about everyday life, death, war, and humanity published by The Bitter Oleander Press

Going Outside – Please See Me

A short story about family and mental health, published by Please See Me

Hubris Humbled – New Myths

A sci-fi short story looking at dominance and perception, published by NewMyths

Pain Tests – Genre: Urban Arts

A flash fiction piece about masculinity (and preconceptions/expectations thereof), published by Genre: Urban Arts

Screaming at the Sky – Helios Quarterly Magazine

A sci-fi short story looking at mankind’s efforts to speak across the stars, published by Helios Quarterly Magazine

Reading of Do You Dig? – Tales to Terrify

A reading by Ron Jon of my own horror short story ‘Do You Dig?’, published by Tales to Terrify

Reading of Choose – StarShipSofa

A reading by Summer Brooks of my own sci-fi short story ‘Choose’, published by StarShipSofa

Narration of Australia: A Story – AntipodeanSF

A reading of the short story ‘Australia – A Story’ by Ovidiu Bufnilă, published by AntipodeanSF

Narration of Betty Cyberchin – AntipodeanSF

A reading of the sci-fi short story ‘Betty Cyberchin’ by Steven Translateur, published by AntipodeanSF

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