A sci-fi short story looking at dominance and perception, published by NewMyths

‘Hubris Humbled’ is a tale of government black-ops, first contact, and humility. It follows a linguistics professor snatched in the dead of night, taken to a secure facility, and presented with an unprecedented mission.

I always enjoy stories in which man is not the sole form of intelligent life in the universe, but I also feel that we’re probably not ready to make any kind of first-contact. Before that happens, I think we’d need to be more unified, less arrogant, and generally ‘better’. This story draws from a lot of these elements, and I’m very happy it’s found its home with NewMyths Issue 48!

NewMyths is a quarterly science fiction and fantasy ezine by a community of writers, poets and artists. It is an imprint of New Myths Publishing, and launched its premiere issue in December 2007.