A short story about family and mental health, published by Please See Me

‘Going Outside’ looks at growing old, the ravages age can bring, and the strain it can place on those we love. It follows a man attempting to cope with his mother’s dementia, and the dark thoughts and desperation that have become a part of his everyday life.

Declining mental health is a sad part of being human, and it affects us all in varying degrees. I personally see a failing mind as a greater tragedy than a failing body, though both can take a terrible toll not just on us but those around us as well.

Losing one’s sense of self, to me, would be a nightmare, and it’s fair to say this viewpoint very much steered the story into what it ultimately became; a ‘literary’ piece with undertones of ‘horror’.

Going Outside found its home with Please See Me: Issue #2 – Pain, an issue featuring art, poetry and prose that all looked at the presence of pain – mental, physical and emotional – and the change it can bring about.

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