A reading of the short story ‘Australia – A Story’ by Ovidiu Bufnilă, published by AntipodeanSF

Continuing my narration work with AntiSF, publisher of my story ‘Iron Will’, ‘Australia – A Story’ is the sixth of my readings and features in the AntiSF Radio Show Agalaos (11:16).

‘Australia – A Story’ is a fantastical tale, in which reality is not quite what it seems and the world is turned upside-down. The story originally appeared at AntiSF and you can find the piece preserved courtesy of the National Library of Australia‘s web preservation program, Pandora. The story is set in Australia, featuring characters from across the globe, and whilst I’ve done my best to approximate rough accents I apologise in advance for any that I’ve butchered.

As for its author, Ovidiu Bufnilă was born and lives in Romania. He has headed up Waved Philosophy since 1977. Ovidiu Bufnilă binds everything so beautiful that the universe seems to be born of a wave that has shattered. His novel Jazzonia was awarded as the best Romanian SF Novel. He received the award for the best Romanian SF Story, Mandhala, 2002, and was also awarded for excellence in Romanian SF and the Sigma Award for the best Romanian SF Novel, Moreaugarin’s Crusade. He received the annual Clouds Magazine Award (USA).