A sci-fi short story looking at mankind’s efforts to speak across the stars, published by Helios Quarterly Magazine

‘Screaming at the Sky’¬†follows an engineer and his daughter as they play their part in the completion of a 1000-year-old project, and try to make contact with life off-planet.

I always feel drawn to stories about life in our universe and mankind’s place in it. The idea of pushing beyond our own world and successfully reaching out to those elsewhere, I find incredibly exciting. This story is all about having the determination and passion to follow through with such a mission, even knowing the end-result likely won’t take place within your lifetime. I’m thrilled to see it find its home with Helios Quarterly Magazine: Volume 4!

Helios Quarterly Magazine is an imprint of AURELIA LEO, an independent publisher and bookseller. Launched in August 2016, Helios Quarterly Magazine publishes horror, science fiction, and fantasy as a quarterly periodical.