A reading by Ron Jon of my own horror short story ‘Do You Dig?’, published by Tales to Terrify

My first piece of published horror, ‘Do You Dig?’ is a dark little tale looking at life, death, and the beings that skip between. It’s the first of my works to be published by Tales to Terrify, and features in their podcast episode Tales to Terrify 369. It’s read by Ron Jon.

Tales to Terrify is part of the District of Wonders network, which is comprised of three publications; Tales to Terrify, StarShipSofa, and Far Fetched Fables. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a piece previously published with StarShipSofa (‘Choose’, read by Summer Brooks), so hopefully I’ll manage to pen something Far Fetched Fables like as well and complete the trifecta!

The reader of ‘Do You Dig?’, Ron Jon, is a writer, scriptwriter, and lyricist. He is a student of strange phenomena, parapsychology, horror, and children’s literature. You can see his videos and hear more of his work on the Spectre Collector Blog, download his albums on the Spectre Collector Bandcamp, and check out his hymns to the cannibal blood cult, The Fungus Sanguinarius, at the Fruits of Madness Blog.

Ron’s done an exceptional job of reading ‘Do You Dig?’, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s come out!