A reading of the sci-fi short story ‘Totally AI’ by Kevin J. Phyland, published by AntipodeanSF

Continuing my narration work with AntiSF, publisher of my own short story ‘Iron Will’, ‘Totally AI’ is the fourth of my readings and features in the AntiSF Radio Show Adriangalad (02:20).

‘Totally AI’ envisions a world in which Artificial Intelligence has not just arrived, but become incorporated into every part of our lives. The story originally appeared at AntiSF and you can find the piece preserved courtesy of the National Library of Australia‘s web preservation program, Pandora.

As for its author, Kevin J. Phyland, having spent 33 years teaching he is now officially retired and writing is taking up a bit more of his time. He has been writing on and off since he was 12, and has a penchant for short, choppy, staccato sentences with too many adjectives.