A sci-fi story, looking at tradition, innovation, and entertainment, published by Review Americana

‘Pitch-o-Mat 5000’¬†focuses on one of America’s favourite pastimes, baseball, as it takes the next tentative steps in its evolution; the introduction of the Mechanoid League.

This particular story is a personal favourite, as for me it effectively epitomises a key reward of literature (both in reading and in writing); the pursuit of knowledge. In this instance, it takes the form of hours of personal research studying and attempting to comprehend a sport of which I previously knew quite literally nothing.

There is little I love more as a writer than to learn more about the world around me and craft that newfound knowledge into a narrative; this story delivered that opportunity in spades!

Review Americana is one of three periodicals produced by Americana: The Institute for American Studies and Creative Writing, a non-profit organisation dedicated to education. Their aim is to ensure positive change for the future by knowing and understanding the past, and I’m excited to see my work appear in one of their journals!