A sci-fi story of life, death, and fiction, published by Sci Phi Journal

‘Coming Home’¬†follows a NASA astronaut as he is thrown into a life-threatening situation, and gives a window into his thoughts as he reflects on how greatly reality differs from that which is portrayed by Hollywood.

Sci Phi Journal¬†was launched in 2014 and publishes stories and articles that revel in the intersection between philosophy, science, and fiction. They’ve recently revamped their website, and I’m thrilled to join the ranks of their published authors.

*Update: Sci Phi Journal sadly shut its doors in January 2018, and ‘Coming Home’ went with it (until I find a publisher interested in reprinting it). On a positive note however, Sci Phi Journal returned in a new incarnation in January 2019. Good luck to them, the world is better with more stories!